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      Description of HM21F Anti-lightning Liquid Level Transducer


      HM21F Anti-lightning Liquid Level Transducer Overview:

      HM21F anti-lightning liquid level transducer is used to measure the liquid level using the principle that the liquid static pressure is directly proportionate to the liquid height. By use of foreign advanced silicon piezoresistive sensitive elements, supported with patented lightning protection devices, this series of products is specially designed for thunderous areas in Southern China, and is applicable for liquid level measurement of rivers, lakes, reservoirs and head water tanks, particularly of the hydrology and water conservancy of strong thunderous areas in Southern China and high mountain regions in Northern China. It has been successfully applied in many hydrographic industries in China.

      HM21F Anti-lightning Liquid Level Transducer

      HM21F Anti-lightning Liquid Level Transducer Features:

      * With high sensitivity, fast response and high accuracy of measurement, the high-quality sensor can accurately reflect subtle changes in dynamic or static liquid level.
      *Provided with lightning system and intrinsically safe explosion-proof capacity, it is applicable to all kinds of hazardous sites.
      *12V battery can be used to supply power under special conditions, so as to solve the problem of field power supply.
      * Easy installation, convenient operation and strong interchangeability
      * Fine and unique zero point, temperature drift and non-linear compensation ensure good accuracy and long–term stability of the instrument within the scope of working conditions.

      Jiucheng sensor is a supplier from China, providing customized services for anti-lightning liquid level transducer. For complete product information click here.

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